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DANCE LESSONS - Standup Set | Gay Improv Comedy Routine 6:31

DANCE LESSONS - Standup Set | Gay Improv Comedy Routine RATE! SUBSCRIBE! COMMENT! "Hoochie dancing is art form. You've got to know what you're doing." Canadian stand-up comedian Vong Sundara - official spokesperson for young, gay, supercute Asians - performs a stand-up comedy showcase set speaking about growing up in Winnipeg and contrasts that with living in Calgary. Vong now lives in Toronto, Ontario, where he performs stand-up comedy around the Great Toronto Area. To find out more about Vong Sundara, visit his official website at Vong Sundara has been a featured performer at the closing ceremonies of the North American OutGames in Calgary in 2007 (stand-up comedy) and is now living in Toronto, Ont., pursuing his dream of one day having a career that can stand up to some of his biggest idols: Chris Rock, Margaret Cho, Bill Hicks, Roseanne Barr, Richard Pryor, Pete Johansson, Bill Cosby, Mike MacDonald, Stan Thomson, Louie Anderson, Derek Edwards, Russell Peters, Dane Cook, Nikki Payne. My favourite styles of comedy include Animation, Blooper, Improv, Parody, Pranks, Series, Short Film, Sketch, Spoof, Stand-up, Video Blog.

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„Jestliže lékař pojmenuje tvou nemoc, neznamená to ještě, že ví, o co jde.“

— Murphyho zákony


Don Jon (komedie, USA)
Zmizení (thriller/krimi/drama, USA)
Carrie (drama/horror, USA)

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