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I Love Dreamin (Asher Roth - "I Love College" Parody) 2:53

I Love Dreamin (Asher Roth - "I Love College" Parody) for more videos For English calss Bryan and I made a video for our American Dream project. Bryan wrote most of the lyrics and I made the video. Its a parody of Asher Roth's "I Love College" Lyrics: I'm nice right now, man I-I feel good If you have a dream Would you please go to Room 108? I hope my life is awfully crazy I maybe Ill tape it I wanna go to college and make a difference in somebodys life Own a Lambo and start a family and stab a criminal with my knife Ride a camel, in the dessert , go to the moon and not get hurt Man, I love dreamin I wanna be a doctor the rest of my life Go to med school and save someones life Have some sweet scars and witness a fight Make tons of money and have a hot wife Go to Bangkok, and get shot But not die, then go buy a yacht Travel to all the United States Go to Microsoft, and meet Billie Gates Meet Michael Phelps, I hope that helps To break a world record then Ill be able to afford Land in Canada where I can wrestle a bear Buy a Range Rover and fly a plane there Um, I hope my job will help some people maybe cure some cancer Then do some skydiving, watch the Olympics, and marry a dancer Fight a shark and film a movie but in the end just support my fam Keep my friends, from Batesville High, own my own shop and live by the beach Just eat an elephant, ay! And visit New Zealand, ay! Scuba Dive, ay! Man, I love dreamin I can't tell you what Im gonna do but I could tell you a dream or two, um Yeah, of course youre gonna know a few Like make a million dollars on ebay, son Be 109 and still hold on Then drive my car on the Autobahn Jet ski from Hawaii to Hong Kong Take the SATs and get none wrong Have a theme song, yeah, this songs gettin long Hopefully Mrs. Lacy will like our song Time isn't wasted when you're dreamin big Hey someday I wanna slaughter a pig I hope my life is awfully crazy maybe Ill tape it Ill climb mount Everest and have to bungee jump down from heaven Film my music video. My favorite number is 11 But mine is 3, and his is 7, after I die I wanna live like this again Man, I love Lacey, ay! But I hate English, ay! Just live your life, ay! We love dreamin

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