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Solo AQ40 Bug Mount Farming 3:34

Solo AQ40 Bug Mount Farming

When I first entered AQ40 to try this out, I had no idea how hard they were gonna hit or if this was doable, but thought I'd give it a shot. After doing a little reading, it seems a few people have done this now, and (depending on spec) pretty much any tanking class should be able to do this. Obviously the kill order might change slightly for different classes (eg, if you're not a paladin, kill the mana burning one first) but it shouldn't be too difficult regardless. The red mount is a Feat of Strength Achievement called "Why? Because It's Red" because it's a very low drop chance. I got lucky, and picked up the red one on the 4th reset. And yes, they do count towards the 50 mounts required to get the Albino Drake flying mount.

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Feral Druid Solo Attumen 2:28

Feral Druid Solo Attumen

This is the second time I solo'd Attumen. Be warned, if you try this, there's 2 pats that go past the top of the stairs and Attumen can aggro them mid-fight if they happen to be in a bad spot (and they're ranged, so you can't easily just tank them). So take them out first to be safe.

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Feral Druid Solo Kurinnaxx 2:28

Feral Druid Solo Kurinnaxx

My second time soloing Kurinnaxx. I wasn't sure what'd happen the first time I did it so I didn't bother to enable fraps. Easy fight, just kite him around. The debuff stacks up to 10 times (10% less healing done per stack), then resets back to 0, giving you a chance to heal up a little (depending on your class) with minimal reduction.

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Feral Druid Solo Ossirian (in HD) 4:49

Feral Druid Solo Ossirian (in HD)

My first try at soloing Ossirian the Unscarred in The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (AQ20). I did abuse Protector of the Pack a bit in this one, because I had no idea how hard he was going to hit, and I had a few issues finding crystals to click so he did go to his "Supreme" state a handful of times for a few seconds (I ended up on 2.6% hp at the end of it). I guess I'll just have to learn to be a bit quicker so I won't need 4 other offliners in the raid. :) I was actually going to wait until I got a cleaner kill before I put this up, but I got all excited that I'd figured out decent settings for HD so figured I'd go ahead and upload it. :) Music is Synthetic Sinergy vs. Mind Controller - Voices

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High Priest Thekal Solo (Feral Druid) 4:11

High Priest Thekal Solo (Feral Druid)

*** NEW VERSION uploaded in HD, check the video responses *** Took a few tries to get it down, and I only just made it. I ended up with about 1.2K health left at the end of it. Bit of a pain when you only have bash for a spell interrupt, but as long as you keep Lor'khan's health low, she *should* only heal herself, leaving you free to dps the others whenever possible. No mount off this guy yet either, but I'm workin' on it. :)

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