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Jonas Brothers-Can't Have You (Lyrics) 4:04

Jonas Brothers-Can't Have You (Lyrics)

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Irvine, California-7/12/08 Jonas Brothers-Burnin' Up Tour Can't Have You-A Little Bit Longer out August 12 Sorry everything's not that good...haha, I got a new camera and it really doesn't work that well... Oooo... this is one of my favorite love songs! It's like those type of songs that would play maybe at like the dramatic part of the movie, where the boy and the girl are like seperated...and then they go their own ways, and the camera shows them being all alone and missing each other, then it's all quite, and this song starts to play. Hahaha...but i love this song! The lyrics are AMAZING. It's so romantic. Nick pointed at us during "Hold On" again and a few more times during other songs. During "Burnin' Up"... Big Rob comes they're walking down the catwalk, he first trips in the beginning but managed to stay up. Then when they were in the end...I don't know how, but he fell and was rolling over everywhere. He was like on Nick' foot, and he helped him up. It was so sad! And then I look up on the screen, and Nick is just like smiling so big and laughing through the rest of the song! You could even see his teeth! It was so adorable! During "Hello Beautiful", we screamed FOREVER toward the end and we would not shut up. We just kept screaming and screaming for like two minutes straight! Kevin kept smiling cause we were screaming for so long and he kept blowing kisses to all of us. Joe was smiling and he start laughing! It was so funny and so cute, and he stuck his tongue out! And he couldn't stop laughing, that just made me scream even more! Definitely the best day of my life. I met the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. Big Rob waved and said hi to me, Papa Jonas waved and smiled and felt bad for me when I was crying because my friend won meet and greets. Camp Rock cast, Selena Gomez was there watching from the side of the stage. We also saw Maya Kibble twice. She cut her hair and had blue extensions. Jordan Francis and his sister sat 2 rows behind us. We went inside the Jonas Brothers' recording studio (and the main bus where everyone signs) and they said that they were already working with them for their FOURTH album. Whatever someone says, Joe DOES play the guitar! It was Mama J's bday that day! We didn't see her at all...but they did celebrate her birthday by having a little party at their Toluca Lake house after the concert. You warned me that You were gonna leave Never thought You would really go I was blind Baby now I see Broke your heart Now I know That I was being such a fool That I still don't deserve you Don't wanna fall asleep Cause I don't know if I'll get up And I don't want to cause a scene But I'm dying without your love Baby, to hear your voice Tell me you love me too Cause I'd rather just be alone If I know that I cant have you Looking at the letter that you left (The letter that you left, will I'll ever get you back) Wondering if I'll ever get you back (ooo wha) Dreaming about when I'll see you next (When I'll see you next, will I ever get you back) Knowing that I never will forget (I won't forget, I won't forget) That I was being such a fool That I still don't deserve you I don't wanna fall asleep Cause I don't know if I'll get up And I don't want to cause a scene 'Cause I'm dying without your love Baby, to hear your voice Tell me you love me too Cause I'd rather just be alone If I know that I cant have you So tell me what we're fighting for Cause you know that the truth means so much more Cause you could if you would Don't lie Cause I'll give everything that I've got left To show you I mean what I have said Don't wanna be such a fool But I can't live without you Don't wanna fall asleep Don't know if I'll get up I don't want to cause a scene But I'm dying without your love Baby, to hear your voice Tell me you love me too Cause I'd rather just be alone If I know that I cant have you Don't wanna fall asleep (don't wanna fall asleep) Cause I don't know if I'll get up (don't know if I'll get up) And I don't want to cause a scene 'Cause I'm dying without your love Baby, to hear your voice (baby, to hear your voice) Tell me you love me too (tell me you love me too) Cause I'd rather just be alone If I know that I cant have you

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Jonas Brothers-That's Just The Way We Roll (HQ) 2:26

Jonas Brothers-That's Just The Way We Roll (HQ)

Look Me in the Eyes Tour Gibson Amphitheatre-Los Angeles, California 2/2/08-4pm show That's Just the Way We Roll! The new "Year 3000" I wonder what's going to be the next "That's Just the Way We Roll!" I remember Nick playing Hanson on our last concert, lmao. And Joe singing MMMBOP!LOL. *I went to all three shows if you're asking. And my rows for the 4pm show was Section 5 (Nick's side) Row FF (Row 6). My row for the 8pm show was Section 2(Kevin/Joe side) Row RR(Row 13). My row for the 12pm show was Section 5(Nick's side) row RR (row 13). *Oh yea, when they sang "Just Friends", I went over to the aisle section, which no one was supposed to be at so I stood out from everyone else, and I had this HUGE nick jonas poster and I started jumping up and down, and just screaming so much, and yelling "I LOVE YOU NICK!", and I was waving at Nick, and he waved back!!!! I was in his YouTube video, the one where they talk about making history on the Gibson Amphitheatre, I'm the girl with the poster around :24 and I brought the same poster to the concert, so that's the poster if you're wondering what it was. So I'm like curious, did he remember me from the YouTube video or at the box office?! If you've never met them and if you got waved or pointed at, that's like an AMAZING feeling! I'm still freaked out! It's like "he actually notice me! I'm not 'nothing' to my future husband!" I was like OMJ. I think that's the first time he ever saw me, I'm not sure about the last concert back in 2007. I would show you the video that my friend taped, but I accidentally deleted it so I could get more memory for my camera:[[ *He also pointed at us during Hold On! Like we were on the aisle again, but this time we didn't film it. Like every time they sang Hold On, me and my friend would hold hands and raise them up high, like I can't explain it, but like when we did that a couple times, he saw us getting into it, he stared at us for a couple of seconds, and then he pointed at us!!! We were screaming our heads off. *If you check out my other video, "Don't Take My Heart and Put It on a Shelf", I think around 1:35-1:40-ish, Nick points, stares, and waves, then blow us KISSES! That took about 3 seconds of my life away:] *On "Take on Me", I think during around 1:26, he stares at us! *For the 8pm show, YES, Kenny Ortega sat right behind us and we posed for a picture together:] He waved at us, smiled at us, and blew kisses to us!!! We also saw Miranda Cosgrove. Like first I didn't know who was getting mobbed, I thought it was the blonde girl from iCarly. But like after the concert we were waiting at Starbucks and then I saw this girl that looked a lot like Miranda Cosgrove. And then when she left I was like to my friend, that looks a lot like Miranda Cosgrove!Then she looked and she was like that IS Miranda Cosgrove! I was like dude are you serious! I was standing TWO FEET AWAY FROM MIRANDA COSGROVE! Like I wanted to chase her and ask for an autograph and picture, but I decided not to. Like you know how her hair is always curly on the show and everything, her hair was straight so it didn't look like regular her. She didn't look like I expected, actually she's taller than I thought(unless she was wearing heels?), she's really pretty actually, and I heard her talk to her friend and her voice is actually really kind of high! And idk if I got starstruck around her, since you know I noticed her when she left, but I just love her singing and her acting SO much! I have the iCarly theme song and I watch her show all the time! So it was a total honor to be close to her! Her co-star, Jennette McCurry, was also there! Other people were backstage including: Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Mitchel Musso, Madison Pettis, Chelsea Staub, and Selena Gomez. *For the Sunday show at 12pm, Selena Gomez, David Henrie(Justin Russo), and his girlfriend was there! *Chelsea Staub was at all three concerts also. She said she sat at the middle in row 5. So technically she wasn't backstage. I didn't see her, but I hope I could meet her one day!

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Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas 4:05

Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas

Click Here For Special Deal my 1st vid(not d best....or d graphics either) comment and rate plz!(i did my 1st vid undr 2 hrs!) This video has been a huge hit since I posted it way back in 2006? So thank you! I wish you guys all happy holidays! And keep it up with the "Merry Christmas from..." I spent over an hour reading over everything! It's so cool how everyone from around the world comes together for this very special birthday. *I don't own the song or any of its pictures :) *I'm sorry I can't send you the song! That's like cheating! Besides, I'm way too busy! Sorry! Instead you could... BUY ASHLEY'S LAST CHRISTMAS SINGLE ON ITUNES NOW! [CHORUS:] Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away This year To save me from tears I'll give it to someone special [CHORUS:] Once bitten and twice shy I keep my distance But you still catch my eye Tell me baby Do you recognize me? Well It's been a year It doesn't surprise me "Happy Christmas" I wrapped it up and sent it With a note saying "I love you" I meant it Now I know what a fool I've been But if you kissed me now I know you'd fool me again [CHORUS] A crowded room Friends with tired eyes I'm hiding from you And your soul of ice I thought you were Someone to rely on Me? I guess I was a shoulder to cry on A face on a lover with a fire in her heart A man under cover but you tore me apart Now I've found a real love you'll never fool me again [CHORUS x2]

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