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Radiata Stories - Quasar [Distortion Corridor] 3:40

Radiata Stories - Quasar [Distortion Corridor]

6th Playthrough Jack: Lv. 99 Lily: Lv. 99 Cornelia\Rachel: Lv. 99 Miranda: Lv. 98 The final bonus boss in the game, Quasar, can be fought after clearing the bonus dungeon once and going to the area where you fought Valkyrie. Yes, that means you'll also have to fight all of the bosses in the Dragon Lair Cave too. Certainly not as hard as Ethereal Queen, but as you could probably tell in this video, he can petrify you. For some odd reason, Miranda wasn't healing me which ended in a very, very close call. I think it had something to do with that annoying teleport attack he does that causes the AI to get confused on what to do, or something. Either way annoying attack is annoying. And with that, I've basically managed to upload a somewhat complete playthrough of a game for the first time ever on youtube. I feel accomplished in some way. And no, I am not going to do the nonhuman path.

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Radiata Stories - Valkyrie [Distortion Corridor] 5:31

Radiata Stories - Valkyrie [Distortion Corridor]

6th Playthrough Jack: Lv. 98 Miranda: Lv. 80 Lily: Lv. 98 Cornelia/Rachel: Lv. 99 Okay, first of all, I did not mean to overlevel myself that much. It really had more to do with the fact that I was really tired and had so much trouble fighting her that it took me three times to make a decent video of this [this video was my fourth attempt]. Even then, those videos were horrible. I'm not even going to talk about my first attempt at Lezard. So the lesson here is never try to play games while suffering from sleep deprivation. Not that that's an excuse or anything. Also, I brought back Miranda again. Alicia really wasn't working right for my team for some reason. Anywho, Valkyrie was a bit of a tough battle mostly because her being able to cast ailments put a huge dent in my 100t Body + Barrier Tornado + Attack Link strategy, and as I've learned with the battle with Baade, petrification is probably the most dangerous ailment one can get. Luckily, her bow and arrow attack is somewhat easy to dodge. Her volty blast can also be deadly if your HP is under 1800 or 1700, of course, that wasn't a problem for me by this point. It's a shame that this and "Top Secret Mission" are the only two parts of the game where you see your actual party outside battle. The game could've benefited from it, even if they didn't say anything at all. Hopefully that one scene after you defeat Galvados at Lupus Gate with Alvin, Rolec, and Carlos were some random people the developers decided to throw in and not what Jack's party was supposed to be at that point. Also, if you're wondering where that armor [Ore Armor] came from, it's a rare drop from those huge purple crystal golem enemies in the Distortion Corridor/Shrine of Fray, but you'll have a better chance of getting one if you use a thief that can steal items like Flau.

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Radiata Stories - Elwen 1:27

Radiata Stories - Elwen

6th Playthrough After so much trouble, we're now able to recruit Elwen, the famous leader of Theater Vancoor. Just simply recruit all of the other Vancoor members obviously, which is a bit of a struggle in itself. Once you got all of them, just talk to her while she's in her office at night and she'll offer to duel you. Win and she'll join your cause. Now normally, she would be a tough opponent. However, since I overpowered myself she was much easier than I expected her to be. You can duel her during the daytime, but since she has the King of Day skill it's probably not recommended. Guide Reference -A Darkstar Ripclaw's Massive FAQ on -Radiata Stories Character Recruitment Strategy Wiki -

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Radiata Stories - New Game + Tutorial Wackiness #2 0:30

Radiata Stories - New Game + Tutorial Wackiness #2

Here's what happens when you run into the second tutorial on a new game +, in which Jarvis' attitude towards unskippable, mandatory tutorials is similar to many gamers worldwide and my attitude towards the beginning of the game. And with this, the dull beginning ends and the fun starts... recruiting people! It's actually more fun than it sounds.

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Radiata Stories - Adina 0:27

Radiata Stories - Adina

6th [?] Playthrough Adina, the seemingly nicer Olacion Order priest twin, will join you easily. Just talk to her with Elena in your party. Guide Reference -A Darkstar Ripclaw's Massive FAQ on -Radiata Stories Character Recruitment Strategy Wiki -

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Radiata Stories - Ethereal Queen [Shrine of Fray] Part 1 9:38

Radiata Stories - Ethereal Queen [Shrine of Fray] Part 1

6th Playthrough Part 1 of 2. Jack: Lv. 99 Valkyrie: Lv. 85 Kain: Lv. 69 Elwen: Lv. 72 Finally, the dreaded battle with the Ethereal Queen. And actually, it turned out easier than I expected. Not only because I had Elwen and Kain with me, but dodging Armageddon was much easier than I remembered. Just remember--Guard Link and the wall/boundary/whatever is your best friends in the world. Guide Reference -A Darkstar Ripclaw's Massive FAQ on

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Radiata Stories - Goblin Trio 1:13

Radiata Stories - Goblin Trio

6th [?] Playthrough Lv. 9 Equipped Skill: Sharp Edge The first real boss battle in the game that you are actually required to win. See to see what I mean. Sadly, this is going to be the only boss battle like this for quite some time, as the beginning drags on a bit before you can get to the recruitin' stuff. ...Why didn't Monki say eggplant anyway?

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