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That Freeway Song :) 3:46

That Freeway Song :)

Ol' video :) One video? 4 frickin' weeks!! :( My entry for Freeway contest. Sorry it's so late!! So lemmee explain this kinda different video to my subscribers. My dad (yes, that dad) told me about this contest on youtube held by his favourite singer, Aimee Mann, and since he can't hit a note he asked me to do it, seeing as I'm quite a big fan of hers myself. :)Now I started trying to sing it abooout mid June? Sort of? Anyway, and it kinda got to the stage where I was getting picky with it and I had broken my microphone and was basicaly in a state of panic! But tomorrow is the deadline (I always leave things till the last minute. It weirdly helps!) and so I just said to myself, "Just effing sing it Fiona!" As for the video, the idea had been circling around in my head for a while and I finally found the perfect opportunity! I just didn't realise that it would be so...blllleepin hard to make!! Seriously I think there must have been about 3 hours of footage of me singing, fooling around, whatever. GOD! So yes, I'm not entirely happy with the vocals but it's 4 weeks of hard video editing work and singing 24/7 ya go Aimee! New vlog soon guys. But I think I'm gonna have a lie down for a bit. Kthxbi! Top Ten Finalist!!! xo. #40 -Top Rated (Today) - People and Blogs #44 - Most Discussed (Today) - People and Blogs

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„Jestliže lékař pojmenuje tvou nemoc, neznamená to ještě, že ví, o co jde.“

— Murphyho zákony


Don Jon (komedie, USA)
Zmizení (thriller/krimi/drama, USA)
Carrie (drama/horror, USA)

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