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Joe Piscopo: Comedian, Actor, Singer and Entertainer 2:30

Joe Piscopo: Comedian, Actor, Singer and Entertainer -Eagles Talent Presents Joe Piscopo. To book entertainer Joe Piscopo visit his profile page. Television, film, theater, nightclubs -- they're all fields in which JOE PISCOPO has won the acclaim and affection of millions. For almost 20 years, Joe has proven to be one of show business' brightest lights. After stints as a disc jockey and dinner-theater performer, Joe turned to comedy. In 1980, he was chosen to join a newly formed ensemble charged with one of the most difficult tasks in TV history-replacing the original cast of Saturday Night Live. By the time he left the show in 1985, Joe had left his mark on the program, and the nation, thanks to his wide range of hilarious original characters and celebrity impersonations, from The Sports Guy and Doug Whiner to David Letterman and, of course, Frank Sinatra, who had repeatedly endorsed Joe's portrayal of him. In addition, Piscopo starred in three HBO specials; his work in the first of these, The Joe Piscopo Special, won him a Cable ACE Award for Outstanding Performance. He also starred in the critically acclaimed New Jersey Special on ABC-TV.

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„Jestliže lékař pojmenuje tvou nemoc, neznamená to ještě, že ví, o co jde.“

— Murphyho zákony


Don Jon (komedie, USA)
Zmizení (thriller/krimi/drama, USA)
Carrie (drama/horror, USA)

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