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Scarface - Money And The Power 3:44

Scarface - Money And The Power

Greatest Hits Chorus: Scarface Money and the power, money and the power I ain't fallin short I got the Money and the power Yup! Hehehahaha, hehe ha hah hah.. yeah Money and the power, money and the power Never goin back cause I got Money and the power [Scarface] Deep in the heart of South Park lurks a stalker S.A. fool, native Houston South Parker Born and brought up to be a heartless motherfucker No one else to blame, fuck it blame it on my mother When I was growin up nobody seemed to give a shit and that's what makes me one hard son of a bitch Since they ain't give a shit, I ain't give a shit either Sweet 16, time to stack me up some ki's Learned the game of hustlin, fuckin dopefienders Sellin niggaz beat, in other words amphetamines My game was more advanced, sellin speed I'm goin broke Got em up with Floyd and Floyd had fronted me some dope Learned to rock it up, now I got it sold Time to go for broke, motherfuck who I owe Business started boomin, started movin powder Motherfuck the bitches I want money and the power.. yup! Chorus: Scarface Money and the power, money and the power I ain't fallin short I got the Money and the power Yup! Money and the power, money and the power Bitches on my dick cause I got Money and the power [Scarface] Bought me a Caddy, 30's and vogues Brand new crib, brand new clothes Mom would ask questions, and often pitch a bitch Where am I gettin the money? Mickey D's ain't paid me shit I'd make up a story, just to get her off my back Uh oh I got a beep I think my boys are out of crack Everything was smooth, exactly how I played it A dollar to be made, best believe a nigga made it Nickels dimes and twenties, and sixty cent bumps Nigga rollin hard, stackin paper like Trump and I ain't give a fuck I told you that from the jump Didn't worry about no static I had a motherfuckin pump Ass out of line, word em up a nigga sprayed em Momma told me shoot first, and ask questions later.. Six hundred bucks a motherfuckin hour and I ain't fallin short cause I got money and the power, yup Chorus: Scarface Money and the power, money and the power I ain't fallin short I got the Money and the power Yeah.. Money and the power, money and the power I got it like dat, cause I got Money and the power [Scarface] There goes 21, and still stackin 30's Brought my brother Warren Lee down from New Jersey He helped me for a minute then he started screwin up Said fuck gettin paid, I guess my brother'd rather fuck Bitches ran his life, and they're still runnin Lee I guess he doesn't realize the bitch is fuckin me It really doesn't matter, cause Ac'll never tell He can stay broke, but I got dope to sell I step out on the cut, shit was lookin funny I ran back in the house and started callin up my money I signaled for my workers, to bring in all the dope I can feel the bust and sure enough in comes the 5-0 Niggaz stayed relaxed but they was friskin niggaz up If someone said my name then I was definitely fucked But I'ma play it cool, if I kill I gotta kill Fightin for my shit, I never ran and never will Come to find out, they wasn't fuckin with my boys Busted a nigga who said he paid em, talkin noise Hehehehehe.. I guess the juices are sour But I ain't fallin short cause I got money and the power YUP! Chorus: Scarface Money and the power, money and the power Sold a million records I got Money and the power Yup! Money and the power, money and the power Best to come clean, cause I got Money and the power Money and the power, money and the power Money and the pow-the-pow-the-pow-the-pow-the-power!

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Gang Starr - Above The Clouds (Feat. Inspectah Deck) 3:42

Gang Starr - Above The Clouds (Feat. Inspectah Deck)

Moment of Truth [Guru] I Self Lord And Master, shall bring disaster to evil factors Demonic chapters, shall be captured by Kings Through the storms of days after Unto the Earth from the Sun through triple darkness to blast ya with a force that can't be compared to any firepower, for it's mindpower shared The brainwake, causes vessels to circulate like constellations reflect at night off the lake Word to the father, and Mother Earth Seeking everlasting life through this Hell for what it's worth Look listen and observe and watch another C-Cypher pullin my peeps to the curb Heed the words; it's like ghetto style proverbs The righteous pay a sacrifice to get what they deserve Cannot afford to be confined to a cell Brainwaves swell, turnin a desert to a well Experience the best teacher; thoughts will spray like street sweepers Little Daddy street preacher Illustrious feature, narrator you select Accompanied by Deck plus the DJ you respect The seven and a half combine, over the frontline The ten percenters, promotin slander in the airtime Bear in mind jewels be the tools of the trade Sharp veins heavenly praise and dues are paid [Chorus: Guru] Above the crowds, above the clouds where the sounds are original Infinite skills create miracles Warrior spiritual -- above the clouds reigning/raining down, holdin it down [Inspectah Deck] Yeah; I leave scientists mentally scarred, triple extra large Wild like rock stars who smash guitars Poison bars from the Gods bust holes in your mirage and catch a charge shake em down like the riot squad Invade your zone, ruin like ancient Rome I span the universe and return to Earth to claim my throne The maker, owner, plus soul controller Ayatollah rest in the sky, the cloud's my sofa Stand like Collossus, regardless to whom or what Numerous attempts at my life, so who to trust Who but us, to supply you with the fire? The burning truth, 150 Absolut proof On the mic like Moses spoke in golden scribe Survivor of the oldest tribe whose soldiers died I notified families, we shed tears and more but our hands are the ammo cause the battle's still on Sound the horn; we come rumblin through the function Precise laser beam technique to touch somethin When we die hard, to build the monument to honor us with Humungous effect in the world - we could have conquered it [Chorus] - 2X

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A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got) 4:12

A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got)

The Low End Theory Intro/Chorus We got the jazz [X4] Verse One: Q-Tip Stern firm and young with a laid-back tongue The aim is to succeed and achieve at 21 Just like Ringling Brothers, I'll daze and astound Captivate the mass, cause the prose is profound Do it for the strong, we do it for the meek Boom it in your boom it in your boom it in your Jeep Or your Honda or your Beemer or your Legend or your Benz The rave of the town to your foes and your friends So push it, along, trails, we blaze Don't deserve the gong, don't deserve the praise The tranquility will make ya unball your fist For we put hip-hop on a brand new twist A brand new twist with the homie-alistic So low-key that ya probably missed it And yet it's so loud that it stands in the crowd When the guy takes the beat, they bowed So raise up squire, address your attire We have no time to wallow in the mire If you're on a foreign path, then let me do the lead Join in the essence of the cool-out breed Then cool out to the music cuz it makes ya feel serene Like the birds and the bees and all those groovy things Like getting stomach aches when ya gotta go to work Or staring into space when you're feeling berserk I don't really mind if it's over your head Cuz the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead So pay attention, it's not hard to decipher And after the horns, you can check out the Phifer Chorus Verse Two: Phife Dawg Competition, dem Phifer come sideway But competition, dey mus' me come straightway Competition <b>...</b>

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Method Man - Say (Feat. Lauryn Hill) 3:50

Method Man - Say (Feat. Lauryn Hill)

[Lauryn][Method Man] Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah Yeah (Yeah) Yeah yeah (Yo) [Method Man] Damn, I hate it when it rain Ever since I came in the game Some hated on the fame A lot of niggas done changed And started actin' strange Even labels turning they backs And started backing lames Radio is the same, whole lotta speculatin' These mutherfuckas defacatin' on the name Wu-Tang, if this is where the hip-hop is Radio lyin' then, that ain't where hip-hop live It lives in the streets, we eat to live they livin' to eat I'm fed up, that nigga rides in 'em, givin 'em sleep RIP, make me the king of all I see And when death call I'm good I got call ID See it was planned in the front, now they just gon' front Like my joints is on proactive, and they just don't bump Then niggas gon' say I lost my skill when in fact they all been programmed And lost they feel, fo' real Chorus: [Lauryn](Method Man] They've got so much things to say right now They've got so much things to say They've got so much things to say right now (Yeah) They got so much things to say (Yo) [Method Man] Damn, another artist chokes again They ain't cut as close as him or even broke the skin See how niggas ain't yo friends, when there ain't no ends Don't care who the case offend, don't underrate my pen I got what it takes to win, while ya'll are thinking I'm trash Loving the taste of success and this drink in my glass Watch 'em cosign that whack shit, give it a pass till it's gone Quicker <b>...</b>

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Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse (Feat. Nas & Ghostface Killah) 3:32

Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse (Feat. Nas & Ghostface Killah)

Only Built 4 Cuban Linx [Rae] No tricks, no tricks baby [Nas] Yeah, aiyyo Rae [Ghf] Check it out y'all [Nas] It's the science [Ghf] Fly wonderful [Rae] Yeah y'all [Nas] Tony Starks and umm Lex Diamonds [Ghf] Tony Starks, my nigga Nas [Rae] Strength my whole team is eatin off this type of shit [Nas] For all the fake niggaz out there, yaknahmean [Ghf] Word up [Rae] Good shit, nigga next time, no more whatever shit [Nas] Fakes be celebratin but they be mistaken [Ghf] Word to the wise [Rae] Keep your eyes open and your wallet in your front pocket [Ghf] All types of shit, yo son [Rae] Rock it, RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet [Nas] Tell em it's on right? [Ghf] Show those crabs how to rhyme [Rae] RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet [Ghf] It's only like five percent out of a hundred [Rae] RZA Chef Ghost and Nas niggaz is the prophet [Ghf] Do it to em baby Verse One: Nas Through the lights cameras and action, glamour glitters and gold I unfold the scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe When I'm deceased, by then the beast arise like yeast to conquer peace leaving savages to roam in the streets Live on the run, police paying me to give in my gun Trick my Wisdom, with the system that imprisoned my son Smoke a gold leaf I hold heat, nonchalantly I'm grungy, but things I do is real it never haunts me while, funny style niggaz roll in the pile Rooster heads profile on a bus to Riker's Isle Holdin weed inside they pussy with they minds on the pretty things in <b>...</b>

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Gang Starr - Suckas Need Bodyguards 3:58

Gang Starr - Suckas Need Bodyguards

MC's be fakin' so now they get taken Chorus: Fake MC's, they always act hard But won't walk the street without they bodyguard I hate fake MC's, they always act hard But won't walk the street without they bodyguard Verse One: MC's I lay out like stiffs in the morgue Praise the lord you're in awe when I'm grippin the mic cord Rhymes I rip with swift execution One verse to coerce your girl to prostitution The Guru is now the brother you fear and beware when I'm making hits with premier and Rolling to a spot near you, lyrics tear through Chrome to your dome you better watch your rear view Niggaz been held back too long we're coming up In the streets we roll alone so watch me running up I'm summing up a mad posse of warriors Night crusaders able to break down barriers and bringing faces of death putting mc's to rest until there's no fake chumps left Run, step, yeah bounce nigga bounce My rhyme's a [cargo] when yours is just a quarter ounce Chorus 4X Verse Two: Gangstarr boy and that's beyond your comprehension Mad brothers in every city you can feel the tension To stop the killing wack mc's must die Who am ? I'm the substance that'll make your third eye cry Too potent, too high in intelligence quotient when I unleash my speech I'll have you punk rappers open I won't expose your names and your identities You know you're phoney get the fuck from in front of me Hardcore fans are fed up from your folklore Lines strip you raw and infect you like cold sores and I hope you're not the <b>...</b>

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„Jestliže lékař pojmenuje tvou nemoc, neznamená to ještě, že ví, o co jde.“

— Murphyho zákony


Don Jon (komedie, USA)
Zmizení (thriller/krimi/drama, USA)
Carrie (drama/horror, USA)

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