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Joy Gohring:  Bass-Schuler Entertainment 5:58

Joy Gohring: Bass-Schuler Entertainment

Bass/Schuler Entertainment: Bass/Schuler has established itself as representing some of the best known names in the college, festival and corporate market today. Our friendly agents offer music, comedy, speakers, live novelties, games and variety acts. Bass/Schuler Entertainment has been the recipient of Campus Activities Magazine's Reader's Choice Agency of the Year Award for eight years and has been nominated every year since the agency's inception in 1999. For booking information on Joy Gohring, or any other act for your college, festival, or corporate event, contact Bass/Schuler Entertainment at 773-481-2600 or e-mail You can also visit our website at Joy Gohring: Raised in Austin, Texas, Joy is the daughter of a former Catholic nun and a monk, both turned hippies. Joy's energetic fast-paced humor has won her top honors at many theatre and comedy festivals throughout the U.S. and Canada, including winning Audience Pick for Best Comedy in Seattle, Winnipeg, and Aspen. Critics describe Joy as, " of the funniest and most unusual comics gracing the comedy circuit today." (LA Times) In addition to performing guest stand-up for "The Late Late Show", Joy can be seen in many television shows and movies including: Not Another Teen Movie, MadTV, CSI: New York and various Comedy Central shows. Joy has recently stared in the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" staring Judd Apatow, and can also be seen in "One Sung Hero" with Kyle Gass from Tenacious D. Catch Joy in the TV series Good Girls Don't on the Oxygen Network.

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„Jestliže lékař pojmenuje tvou nemoc, neznamená to ještě, že ví, o co jde.“

— Murphyho zákony


Don Jon (komedie, USA)
Zmizení (thriller/krimi/drama, USA)
Carrie (drama/horror, USA)

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