Fallout 3: Creating a Respawn Farm for Unlimited XP and Equipment

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Tutorial: In this tutorial (for the Xbox 360), I will show you how to get unlimited amounts of weapons and armor will little effort, gaining plenty of xp in the process. What you must do is set up a spawn farm, which is a small area in which you group together several respawning enemies so that every time they die, they respawn in the same spot, with brand new armor and weapons for the taking. This tutorial is intended for Xbox 360/PS3 users. To set up a spawn farm, you will first need to find a properly fenced in area so that the enemies will not escape when they re-spawn. It doesn't need to be completely enclosed though, but it must not be easy to escape without the enemies having to walk past you. A perfect area is Big Town, because it only has a single exit point and when you fast travel there, you appear right in front of that point. In this example we'll use Big Town as the site for our farm. You'll want to clear out any residents now, or else the enemies will just kill them later. What you need to do is find an enemy out in the wasteland. Near Big Town is an Enclave camp, touting several soldiers in Tesla Armor. You want that armor, so you kill the soldier. Walk up to him and pick up his body by clicking the right stick (on the Xbox 360). Now you have to drag his body back to Big Town. Put it down somewhere way in the back, near Red's Clinic, so they are far away from the entrance. Next, go back to the enclave camp and drag back another soldier, and place his body next to the first soldier. Congratulations, you've just created a spawn farm! When you're confident the bodies are in the right spots, fast travel to Megaton or any place within its own cell (the inside of rivet city, the citadel, etc.), and wait for 3 days by pressing the back button (on the Xbox 360). After you've waited, draw your weapon and fast travel back to Big Town. When you arrive at Big Town, you will see that the Enclave Soldiers have respawned. They'll be making their way towards the bridge to head back to their original spawn points, and you're in the way. After killing them, loot their bodies and drag them back to where you put them before. Repeat this fast traveling and waiting process over and over again for more and more items and xp! Read on for instructions on how to get the most out of your spawn farm and to prevent any glitches you may run into while trying to do it yourself. -There are two ways to get an enemy near your spawn farm. The first way is to drag the body, and the second is to have them chase you. The latter isn't recommended because even if you give them a melee weapon, so that they'll chase you, they'll always be going off course and away from you to get a new weapon, and its because of this that dragging the body is actually a lot quicker. -You are only allowed a maximum of 6 of the same enemies in your farm. That means that you can have no more than 6 enclave soldiers, but you can also have a few raiders, talon company mercs, molerats, etc., thrown into the mix. If you're wondering whats stopping you, its the fact that after 6 enemies are in your farm, it will get very glitchy, and that prevents you from dragging any more bodies of the same enemy into the same area as your farm. You can bring more into it, but with each body it will get more and more glitchy and you may risk losing all of your bodies due to a glitch that makes them disappear. And of course, remember to save often!
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