Second Anonymous message to the "New World Order"

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Greetings. It has been almost a year since our last contact. We have been tied up with current proceedings. Our apologies. We are Anonymous. We are the voice of those who have been silenced. Those who have been crushed underfoot - the oppressed, the prejudiced, the worker drones of the corporate machine. How are you faring in the new developments? Friends and allies, neutral parties and conflict bringers, are you well? We would like to hear of your experiences. Let not the lies that have been purported as public opinion to cloud your thoughts. The remainder of this message is again addressed to the Holders. The chessboard has been thrown from the table, and the curtain has been torn aside. What is happening now is in plain view of all of you, if you would merely look to the stage. Your tactics are failing you. Your spraying of bio-engineered organisms, heavy metals and neurotoxins have been neutralized by our etheric weaponry, weaponry that is available to everyone with the knowledge and materials to create it. Your propagandic channels are being discarded for real journalism and independent news sources. Your attempts to incite mass violence and rioting in the populace has failed. The ruse of your monetary system has been uncovered, and when it collapses your infinite pool of wealth will be depleted. You have suppressed vast technological advances from the populace, instead using them for your own goals. You have maintained this suppression at a great cost to Anonymous. We will not forgive these transgressions. They will be paid in full. This technology will be released through independent sources. The only thing that you can do now is to use your vast influence to encourage people to disregard these new advances as scientifically unsound. No matter. The people best adapted to creating and dispersing this knowledge will be the ones to first learn of it, and many have already done so. The domino effect of enlightenment has already begun. A number of us unwilling to sit neutral in the path of your tyranny has multiplied a hundred fold. The only way that Anonymous will be satisfied with the end of this conflict is the complete and utter triumph of the citizenry. The general populace are now realizing their inherent power. You are instead, beginning to realize your inherent weakness - your inhumanity. One of the things that your pseudo-currency cannot purchase. It is a pity you that you could not join us, as your persistence in reaching your goals has been legendary. Your only positive quality. It is ironic that your persistence of classic techniques is the reason that you are coming short, as you are unwilling to adapt to a changing world. A pity. We are Anonymous. We are many. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are legion. You are going to lose this war. audio - madboss
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Vtipy, které tě dostanou!

a ta se úplne trese zimou. S: "Prosim te, co je to s tebou?" M: "Ale, chtela jsem se trochu zahrat, tak jsem vlezla hajnemu do vousů a on cely den jezdil po reviru na motorce a to jsem sakra vymrzla." S: "No jo, to je hned videt, ze jsi jeste mlada. To si musis vlezt nejaky mlady holce do kalhotek a uvidis jaky tam je teplo." Po nejake dobe se opet sejdou a mlada je zase úplne zmrzla. S: "Proc jsi me neposlechla?" rika stara. M: "Ale ja jsem to udelala presne tak, jak jsi mi radila. Vlezla jsem holce do kalhotek, tam ti bylo takovy teploucko, ze jsem hned usnula. No a pak jsem se probudila hajnemu ve vousech a zase jel na motorce!"

Leží ženská na balkóně a na prádelní šňůře se objeví malý papírek. Je na něm napsáno: "Pokud se chceš se mnou vyspat, zatahej dvakrát. Pokud ne, zatahej čtyřicetkrát a posledních deset rychleji.

Potká babka mladého fešáka: „Když se se mnou pomiluješ, dám ti mobil.” Mladík zapřemýšlí, ale nakonec souhlasí a s babkou se pomiluje. „No tak, babko, teď ten mobil...” „Tak si, chlapče, piš - 605 091...”

Jak se říká 100 právníkům na dně moře? Dobrý začátek...

Říká Franta: „Když se rozčílím, mám červenou hubu.” Na to Pepa: „To já mám červenou hubu vždycky, když se rozčílí moje manželka!”

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